About me


Hi, I’m Ger.

I’m a Senior Data Scientist at Optum, in Dublin, Ireland, working in the healthcare and NLP space.

Previously, I’ve worked as a Senior Data Science Consultant specialising in Natural Language Processing in the media industry in the UK and the Lead Data Scientist at proptech startup Popertee Ltd in Dublin, Ireland.

Prior to this I was a Natural Language Processing Specialist at award-winning health-tech startup babylon in London, mostly concerned with  chatbots, information extraction and assorted applications of biomedical natural language processing.

Since leaving academia, I’ve continued writing in a personal capacity, as an occasional contributor at State.ie and a contributor and Associate Editor at Wide Orbits, an online community dealing with ideas, issues and culture based in Dublin, Ireland where I’ve written about topics as diverse as computational creativity and Brazilian politics.

How I got where I am

I completed my doctorate in the Computational Linguistics Group at Trinity College Dublin under the supervision of Dr. Carl Vogel in 2013 entitled: “Translation Effects in English Natural Language text”as part of the Centre for Next Generation Localisation (CNGL), an SFI-funded CSET research centre.

In my thesis I looked at questions related to stylometry and authorship in the context of  translations, applying machine learning techniques to tease out signals in literature.

After a brief foray deploying and training commercial information extraction systems in the Irish Times, I worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the Centre for Applied Data Analytics Research (CeADAR), based at University College Dublin, where I applied my knowledge of natural language processing to problems in social media analysis and social entity resolution. I also worked on graph analytics and data visualisation projects at CeADAR.

More information can be found on Google Scholar,  LinkedIn and Twitter. 

Deutsch wird ab und zu gesprochen. Português também. Beagánín Gaeilge freisin.

Guitar at Yossarian Lives, drums At Speed.



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